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Corbie 5 IOM frames (cont.)

Found some time to work on the frames for the Corbie 5 IOM RC sailboat. Changed the aft deck arrangement... more on that later. But most of my time today was spent working on the fin box area. I'll make my own fiberglass fin box to exactly fit the fin, but that won't be sufficiently stiff enough, so I made a 1/16" ply box that I can use to support the fiberglass box. I won't "fill" the box with thickened epoxy, but will use it in areas to bolster the pressures. More in January when I can return to this project. Happy Holidays to everyone!! Aloha!!

IOM Fin, Bulb, and Rudder

I finally received my new IOM fin, bulb and rudder today! It was shipped from Australia from Radio Sailing Shop . So far they look great, but to be honest, I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking at. The IOM fin is long, thin, carbon-fiber, and very light weight. It only weighs 101 grams! This isn't the way it is in Vintage Marblehead or Star 45's. The rules say that the fin and bulb together can only weigh 2500g. The bulb is currently 2533 grams and it will need to be worked a bit to get its weight down. I intend to epoxy coat it and then paint it as well, so that will add a small amount of weight. There are clearly some parts of the bulb that need to be cleaned up, but overall it's a very nice mold! The rudder came with a piece of 4mm stainless steel shaft, but I'm going to use 1/8" stainless steel. 1/8" is 3.175mm and is plenty strong for both Marblehead and Star 45 rudder posts, so I'm pretty sure it'll hold up to this. 1/8"

Corbie 5 IOM Frames

Still haven't received my rudder or fin from Radio Sailing Shop , but have added a few more additions to my 3D model. In the rendering below, the greenish wood colored parts are the temporary frames. They look funny toward the deck because only the hull portions are showing. The lighter colored, yellowish wood bits are permanent.  I've added the rudder tube frame and alignment bit. I've added some fore-and-aft support beams for the aft deck, and I've started to work on the aft deck. There's also a mast post support beam. Here are just the permanent parts: The rudder alignment piece looks large and heavy, but it's neither. In fact, depending on which rudder you use, you may be able to cut this down significantly and only use the aft end of it. What is shown is for rudders that need to be placed from 60mm to 85mm from the transom. If you're using a rudder that needs less than 85mm, just cut the forward portion off. Here's how the aft deck l

Corbie 5 IOM laser cut frames (updated)

I'm working my way toward building the Mirage Radio Yachts Corbie 5 IOM RC sailboat designed by Jeff Byerley in Tasmania. I'm designing the Corbie 5 laser cut frames and planking forms, and have updated the frames that I initially made. I wanted to build in the few permanent frames that are needed. There is a main bulkhead that divides the foredeck from the aft portion of the hull, there's the shroud chain blocks, a few foredeck support frames, foredeck kingplanks, fore and aft frames, etc... I'm not done as I still need to include the rudder frame and the mainsheet post frames. But I've made lots of progress and will now need to wait to complete the final version until after I receive the fin and rudder that I've ordered from Radio Sailing Shop in Australia . This is how the model looks so far... This first picture is of the permanent frames with the hull shell showing over it: This is the same but floating in place over the building jig: