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Wampum Deck Planking, Pt. 3

The mahogany deck trim-work is completed. Here you can see the dowel pieces I've been using. They are just 1/8" dowels.  The transom piece. The bow. I'll probably put a small decorative piece on the very front bow to hide the crappy matching I did. It'll all look fine when done. The mahogany bow trim pieces added. They will look great when sanded down, and in contrast to the light-colored Alaskan yellow cedar that I'll plank the deck with.  You can also see the varying heights of the trim pieces. Not to worry, they will all be sanded flush with the deck planking before being covered with a layer of 1.4 oz. fiberglass. It will eventually all be perfectly flush.  Here are the edge trim pieces, one on each side, that are to mark where the shroud deck eye-bolts will go. On my Sun Wind HF, I screwed up this part and made them much too short. So this time, I've made sure they are plenty long. Probably too long... sigh... Next step: Start

Wampum Deck Planking, Pt. 2

Got the sheer rail trim pieces epoxied on today. Oh, and I plugged the hole that I stuuuupidly drilled through the hull... God... Tomorrow I'll work on the king plank, the transom piece, the bow detail bits, and probably the planks for the shroud deck eyes. Lots of detail work, and then the planking. Aloha!

Wampum Deck Planking, Pt. 1

I'm starting in on the planking my Wampum VM RC sailboat. First step was to mill some mahogany to 1/8" thick. The sheer trim pieces are 3/8" wide and the king plank is 1/2" wide. Then I drilled holes on the sheer rails that are each 3" apart. I actually stacked the two rails and drilled them together to ensure they would be even. Then I carefully (mostly) aligned the pieces as best I could and drilled through the deck. The pieces are held in place with 1/8" wooden dowels. When actually epoxied on, the dowels will hold the pieces in place until the epoxy cures. When sanded flush, the dowels will add a nautical touch to the rails. It will look nice. Here are the guide lines. The holes however were drilled using the pre-drilled mahogany strips. I laid the strips on the deck, and starting at the bow, held them in position. Then would bend the strip to conform to the curve of the deck and then drill the next hole and insert a dowel. You do this all the w

Wampum VM sub-deck installed

Got the 1/32" sub-deck installed. And it conformed to the compound-curves of the deck. The Wampum curves both fore-and-aft, and amidships. The isn't curved either way THAT much, but I was still needlessly concerned. It took two pieces of 24" plywood, and then one shorter 5" piece for the bow.  Next step is to mill and install the mahogany king plank down the center, and the mahogany sheer rails/gunwale strips. After that, then I'll start in on the deck planking, which will take forever... Aloha!

Back to Work on the Wampum

Well, sometimes life has a way of getting in the way of building small boats. I've not posted in a bit, but now I'm back to it. The Wampum VM is back on track and lots has been done. I've finished fairing the keel. It's now ready for a coat or three of Interlux epoxy filler, but I won't add that until after the deck is built and I'm ready to start finishing. I've added the king plank, faired the sheer rails, and done a few other things. I also added a transom piece. And here is where I am at now... Next step is to start on the deck. Aloha!