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Showing posts from May, 2017

Deck Fiberglassed

Fiberglassed the deck this morning. Will trim it in a few hours. Went on easily. Peace!

Deck Planking, part 5 - Sanding

It's sanded! Thank God... Finished with the planking and tonight I was able to sand the deck of the Sun Wind II RC Vintage Marblehead sailboat. It looks pretty good. This weekend I'll do some finish sanding, and then probably put some epoxy along the hull/deck joint to fill it in. Then will fiberglass the deck. Aloha!

Deck Planking, part 4

It's taken forever, but I'm finally getting near the final deck planks. Just a few more to go and I'll be able to sand the deck flush. I've been using many clamps, as well as crosspieces to hold the planks down onto the plywood. Otherwise the clamps tend to pull up the inside edge. At this point, I really can't wait for this step to finish. God... but it should look good when all sanded down. Hopefully in a few days... Peace!

Deck Planking, part 3

Planking on the Sun Wind II continues at a very slow pace. I'm only able to get about 1 plank per day. Ugh... But so far I've done the rudder access hatch, and several planks. Looks OK, but will look much better once I'm done and can sand the entire deck flush. Until then, I'll keep slogging away. The pictures below are obviously before I've been able to sand, so excuse the raised planks and such.  More updates later. Peace!