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IOM Hull Design - Alternate bows

I've been doing some more messing around with IOM hull design and have tweaked my initial curves to have a fuller bow and to displace 4000 grams. Here's how it looks now. I'm nowhere near actually making this boat yet, but I'm happy with my progress so far! Cheers!

IOM Hull Design - Wave Piercing Bow

I'm flirting with the idea of designing my own IOM. There are infinite possibilities, but the one I'm stuck on right now is a wave-piercing bow and hard chine from amidships aft. Here are some early mockups sketches... Just messing around with boats! Cheers!

Vickers V8 Frames Completed

I finally finished drawing the Vickers V8 frames for laser cutting and have sent the files to Vickers Sailing for inspection. I might make my own personal hull in the next few months, but I'm also considering getting into my own design too, so who knows where the wind will take me. There were three sets of frames that I sent in. The first includes only the basic frames that will plank an empty hull. This is the file I promised to deliver, and it uses Ian's original lines, so perhaps they might release this for use in the future...?? You'll have to ask him.  One set included all of the internal frames and bits that I'll use on my own boat. I'm not sure if they will ever release that because it does rearrange some of the interior parts that Ian originally designed. But it'll work for me.  Then I also made a "Fore-deck Framing Set" to make a separate planked foredeck. I haven't tried it but it should work well. Again